Sun 25 Oct 2020

About us

In the name of Allah

Stem cell science and technology has grown dramatically in our beloved country of Iran in recent years. This progress is due to the round-the-clock efforts of well-educated professors and scientists who have made great efforts to this goal and have provided the Islamic Republic of Iran with a magnificent pride in the Middle East and worldwide. In many countries, pharmaceutical companies have taken advantage of this technology to market with a wide range of products from malignant and chronic diseases to beauty.

KishMediCell Company, which has been working in the field of cellular and biotech products since 1396, is trying to utilize this valuable native knowledge to produce various products and to take effective steps to meet the health and medical needs of our dear people. Promoting local production, leveraging local science and technology, supporting and commercializing young scientists' ideas, working closely with Business Incubators, taking part with Medical and Technical and Engineering universities, and achieving self-sufficiency are among the company's strategies.

This company is one of the subsidiaries of KishMediPharm Pharmaceutical Company, the only Kish Island Pharmaceutical Company and the best Exporter of Hormozgan Province and was established in 1381.

The research and development part of the company has provided specific mission, vision and strategies for this collection, as follows:

Mission and Vision of the Company: KishMediCell Inc.'s mission is to respond to the country's health and medical needs based on native stem cell science and technology by working closely with Business Incubators of universities, identify ideas for commercialization, and support young elites in this field, provide the business environment and Process and market a variety of stem cell-based products to resolve an important part of the community's healthcare needs. Its vision also is to become the largest producer of cellular products in the Middle East, gaining a significant share of the biological products market and branding Iranian products in the Middle East.


  1. Focus on domestic production
  2. Self-sufficiency and reliance on local knowledge and technology
  3. Supporting the ideas of young scientists and elites
  4. Commercialization of existing prototypes and investment
  5. Working closely with specialized Business Incubators and Specialized Accelerators
  6. Taking part with Medical and Technical and Engineering Universities
  7. Benefit from the capacities of science and technology support institutions

Therefore, KishMedicell Company eagerly welcomes the ideas and experiences of professors, students and academic cores to commercialize and invest, and trying to further enhance the talents and domestic production based on local knowledge by collaboration and taking part with others.