You may have heard of growth factors or seen them labelled on your skincare products, but what exactly are they and what is their role in anti-ageing skincare? Here is the truth about growth factors. When it comes to innovative, effective active ingredients in skin care, growth factors are absolutely at the top of that list. Growth factors are substances that naturally occur in your body and help regulate cellular processes and, as it turns out, they have numerous benefits when used in topical skin care. Curious to learn more about growth factors in skin care? We’ll give you the full rundown on what do growth factors do for your skin, including:

  1. Boost skin cell growth
  2. Provide cutting-edge anti-aging benefits
  3. Address multiple signs of aging at once
  4. Help delay the need for cosmetic procedures
  5. Work well with all skin types, including sensitive skin
  6. Pair well with skin care products you already use
  7. Growth factors are great for every skin type, including sensitive skin
  1. Growth factors are natural proteins found in the body that perform a number of duties to maintain healthy skin structure, including acting as a messenger and promoting cellular regeneration. When our skin is young it has incredible powers of recovery, but as we age our levels of growth factors deplete, meaning our skin finds it harder to repair damage and the visible signs of ageing start to show. Topical skincare treatments that include growth factors will stimulate skin cells regeneration, repair, and production of collagen, diminish of fine lines and wrinkles and improve skin elasticity.
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